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Oct 5, 2020

Your  Co-Hosts & Comrades Shibby & TheZenMarxist are going to tackle  this book two chapters at a time, continuing with Chapter 5. 'October 6, 1979: 'Don't let yourself get attached to anything' and  6. 'All that is  solid melts into PR: market Stalinism and bureaucratic anti-production'  
Capitalist Realism is such a profound book and we're  hoping to help portray the  themes and perspectives learned from the  great Mark Fisher, rest in power.


There's always ideas coming in mind a never ending supply of both interviews and theory coming up.

We welcome feedback and sharing as well as suggestions on what to work on in the future.

Thank you, so much!

You're comrades at RLR! | Twitter: @Lumpen_Radio  

Attatched you can find Capitalist Realism PDF!

Outro: Lowkey - Soundtrack To The Struggle 2