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Feb 28, 2020

This episode we're joined by comrades of the UK,  Zionism is Racism! Defence campaign to have discussions about about Zionism, Palestine and what solidarity means.

We also investigate what happened after the racist arrest of our comrade and the events that lead upto their imprisonment during Anti-Zionist action that gave life to the actual Zionism Is Racism! Campaign

Please make a pledge to support our defence for a black pro-Palestine activist singled out for arrest in Nottingham following complaints citing the IHRA definition.

Fight Racism! Fight  Imperialism! is the only left newspaper in Britain which reports  regularly on the struggles of prisoners. 

They send the paper free of  charge to all prisoners who request it. Please help this work by funding  a subscription for a prisoner. You can fund a subscription for a  prisoner in Britain - with the link immediately below!

Also buy the Book mentionted: Labour: A Party Fit for Imperialism (Counterattack S.)