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Revolutionary Lumpen Radio

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Home of the revolutionary lumpen in the UK for the international proletarian revolution!

Feb 23, 2022

In this episode, Shibby pretends to interview Ed Mead in order to share the revolutionary life and sacrifices made by this great comrade.

The audio comes from an abscure YouTube video with < 400 views from over five years ago, yet it features the one person who inspired Revolutionary Lumpen Radio to exist through...

Feb 10, 2021

In this episode, Shibby is joined by fellow social scumbag DaStonedSoviet talking class-traitor leftists, the lumpen-phenomina, theory, practice & solidarity.

Outro Music: Fake Friends

If you're interested in showing support to the comrade, join their server and show them we're not alone.

Their Discord:

Feb 10, 2021

Your Co-Hosts Shibby & TheZenMarxist interview The Engelsist on their politics, Leftism, Base Building, their YouTube channel and more as we tour the UK to connect and platform UK comrades, organisations, educators and agitators in the name of solidarity and unity.

The Engelsist YouTube:

Jan 31, 2021

Your Co-Hosts & Cormades Shibby & The Zen Marxist argue for the total legalisation or decriminalization of drugs being a standard principled position for revolutionaries, while engaging in active planning of the treatment of drug users and their distribution in future socialist societies using current experiments and...