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Jul 11, 2020

In this episode, your hosts Shibby & Ryan are joined by Breht of Rev Left Radio to discuss existential questions that nobody has the anwers to, proving our need to build on our own experiences, intrests - sharing our history. We are human beings contemplating  the facts of reality, our existience, our presevation & beyond elevation towards the stars..

Topics include: Life, death, plants, animals, enviornments, consciousness, psychedelic, veganism, hunting, meta and quantum physics, neuroscience as well as NASA's 2024 mission to The Moon and Mars!

So many topics discussed, each topic could be an episode in itself but hopefully you all get the picture we're paining here and that is we are all together although seperate in the miracle that is life.

Shoutout to The Cascadian on Youtube for getting me to listen to Rev Left!

Hope you get a LOT out of it, we sure did, here are some resources
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