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Oct 22, 2020

Your co-hosts Shibby & TheZenMarxist are joined by Maranda to continue our series on Sex Work & Marxism, this time bringing attention to the struggles & hardship of the disabled in the practice and under capitalism more broadly.

Maranda tackles questions on sex work as labour, exploitation and the lumpen class being reactionary outcasts, hated along with the bourgouise while also dispeling any myths that 'Sex Work' simply a fancy term for a whore as well as also making suggestions on what the left should do on this contested issue.. And more..

Rated E For Explicit

Maranda provides explicit insight into the lives of countless of the most vulnerable and unfortunate members of the proletariat while repeatedly demonstrating self-determination and highlighting the historical struggles of so many of this class of people have engaged in, contributed to both historically and presently. It's our goal to make a case to build a unity of the masses to all engage in this struggle for the future until there is no struggle.

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Resources below!

Toronto and Canada:

Maggie's Toronto - Sex Worker Action Project

Butterfly Project

Stella Montréal

PACE Society

Red Light Legal

FIRST - Decriminalize Sex Work

U.S. and Elsewhere...

The Black Sex Workers Collective:

Hacking//Hustling Collective

Desiree Alliance

SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) - Behind Bars

Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement (SWARM)

English Collective of Prostitutes

Global Network of Sex Work Projects

Peepshow Media